Ukrainalaista dokumentti­elokuvaa, Helsinki

Ukrainalaista dokumentti­elokuvaa, Helsinki

Päiväys ja aika
28/01/2020 - 29/01/2020
18:00 - 20:00

Galleria Myymälä2
Uudenmaankatu 23 F

Kaksi näytöstä ukrainalaisten Alexander Medinskin ja Denis Tolstunin dokumenttielokuvasta ”The Ringing Forest Of Chernobyl” Helsingissä.

• Tiistaina 28.1. klo 18 Galleria Myymälä2, Uudenmaankatu 23 F 
• Keskiviikkona 29.1. klo 17 Arkadia International Bookshop, Nervarderinkatu 11.

”The Ringing Forest Of Chernobyl”
Director: Denis Tolstun
Author: Aleksander Medinskiy

The documentary tackles the current situation in the area of contamination. The forests around Chernobyl have been illegally logged for years. The documentary is based on the authors’ filming in the area which is regarded as forest reserves or rather exclusion zone. All logging there is officially banned due to the high level of contamination. However, despite all bans, logging is common in the exclusion area. The forested area is diminishing rapidly in size. What is going on now in the area? Why do local people agree to have jobs as loggers? Where are ringing logs sold to? It is expected that the authors attend the screening and they can participate in the discussion.