Salleh-Hoddin, Amirah - Pirih, Tadeja - Kiiskilä, Eeva-Liisa

Tackling Discrimination: My Learning Diary


How can we tackle discrimination? This learning diary focuses on finding solutions to this question and focuses especially on the school environment. We educators and other professionals in schools need more know-how and competence on how to tackle discrimination in all its different forms. It is clear that we need to combine our strengths and know-how in multi-professional cooperation. We must be able to recognise, manage and finally transform our classrooms and schools into safer spaces for all.

This learning diary was created as part of SAFER (Schools Act for Equal Rights) Erasmus+ project. We invite you on a learning journey which combines the importance of reflection at the core of knowledge.


Publisher: Rauhankasvatusinstituutti, 2021
ISBN: 978-952-7432-04-4
290 s.
Authors: Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin, Tadeja Pirih, Eeva-Liisa Kiiskilä