How will AI reshape humanity? • Helsinki

Päiväys ja aika
17:00 - 19:00

Tuesday 26 September, at 17.00–19.00
Botta, Museokatu 10, Helsinki

As artificial intelligence continues to develop, we find ourselves witnessing machines taking over roles previously performed by humans. Unless we take action, handing over life and death decisions to machines might become a reality.

Join us in the increasingly important discussion on autonomous weapons systems, also known as killer robots, which can identify targets and use force independently from human involvement.

We welcome Automated Decision Research Manager Dr. Catherine Connolly to Helsinki where we will discuss the implications of automating decision-making in society. We will also hear the latest updates on development and use of such technology worldwide.

Following the keynote, experts from various fields will delve deeper into the topic. What are the ethical implications on deploying AI in weapons systems? Why should AI be regulated? Can we reach a treaty to ban killer robots before it’s too late? What is the role of Finland and the EU in preventing the risks related to AI technology and regulating killer robots?

Refreshments will be served at the beginning of the event.
This event is open to anyone interested in the future, security, and the societal impacts of AI.


Dr Catherine Connolly is the Automated Decision Research Manager. She holds a PhD in International Law & Security Studies and a BA in International Relations from Dublin City University, Ireland, and an MA in War Studies from King’s College London, England.

Prior to joining the Stop Killer Robots team in 2021, Catherine worked in the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University, where she researched and lectured in critical security studies, international relations and international law. Catherine was awarded a Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship by the Irish Research Council, and was the recipient of a DCU School of Law and Government PhD Scholarship.

Elements of Catherine’s research have been published in the Journal of Conflict and Security Law, Third World Approaches to International Law Review, Irish Studies in International Affairs, Teen Vogue, and The Irish Times, among others. She has delivered lectures to the Joint Command and Staff Course at the Irish Defence Forces Military College, and has presented on her work at numerous seminars and conferences.

Catherine has also worked with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade at the Embassy of Ireland in London. Catherine is based in Dublin, Ireland.


Stop Killer Robots Finland is a part of a coalition of 241 non-governmental organizations in 70 countries. With growing digital dehumanization, the Stop Killer Robots coalition works to ensure human control in the use of force and calls for new international law on autonomy in weapons systems.